The Cost of Conflict

27 January 2014

The Cost Of Conflict

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Mediation: When to call a third party?

20 January 2014

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Healing The Wounds Of War: How To Help The Soldier In Your Life Rebound From War In Six Steps

11 November 2013

****November 11 is Veteran’s Day and November is Military Families Month. As more soldiers continue to return from Iraq and Afghanistan, I thought it would be helpful to post an article I was asked to write for Fox News. War is by definition destructive and violent. When soldiers return from war they bring the war [...]

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August 27 is Global Forgiveness Day — It is time to forgive!

27 August 2013

Today is Global Forgiveness Day. Make a decision to finally let go of the grudges you have been carrying.  In this 5 CD audio series award winning and best selling author and conflict coach Lisa Gibson teaches you of how to forgive anyone for anything. Get your copy of this life-changing resource and support conflict [...]

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Is unforgiveness making you fat?

24 July 2013

You can’t talk about weight loss without talking about some of the emotional triggers that cause people to eat. Think about the smells, whether good or bad that often trigger feelings or memories. Sometimes a simple smell will take you cascading back to happier times in our life. But those same smells can also trigger [...]

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Lisa Gibson receives prestigious “Love And Forgiveness In Governance Exemplar” award

17 July 2013

    Lisa Gibson receives prestigious ‘Love and Forgiveness  In Governance Exemplar’ award     Colorado Springs, CO June 16, 2013 – The Peace & Prosperity Board is thrilled to announce Lisa Gibson, has been awarded for her contributions, the prestigious Love and Forgiveness in Governance Exemplar award.  The purpose of this award is to [...]

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Grief: Why Is It Important?

01 May 2013

The Role Of Grief

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Forgiving a coworker

16 April 2013

  I grew up in a small town in Tennessee. The kids I went to school with were all of the same socio-economic status so we were basically equals. I was popular and a cheerleader which gave me an advantage, I suppose. I never could understand when others said they hated high school because I [...]

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Five Steps to Release Resentments and Say Goodbye

03 April 2013

How can we release resentments and say goodbye? When an important friendship of mine ended, and when I needed to quit a job and career I’d had for a long time, my biggest challenge, was how to let go and forgive, so I could truly leave these painful situations behind. A dear friend abruptly cut [...]

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No offense: The quickest way to forgive

28 March 2013

Have you ever heard someone start a sentence off with these simple words, “no offense, but” and then proceed to go on say something that the average person would likely find offensive. When I hear those words, it causes the hair on the back of my neck to stand up, because I am bracing for [...]

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